The Rochester Roastery

Roasting over six tonnes a day

Our Rochester Roaster

Our roaster and packing lines enable us to fulfil orders from 60kgs to 6000kgs a day. We have a 24 hour operation in place to keep stock levels high so that we can guarantee your deliver date. Coffee roasted in the traditional drum gives us total control over the roast profile which results in exquisite flavour profile. So whether would you like coffee roasted light, medium or dark we can accommodate your needs.

We can supply you a variety of roasts single origin, blends and speciality coffees. Which will produce different taste profiles dependent on the notes required; e.g. caramel, chocolate, nutty, fruity, citrus, acidic and others.

We welcome all our customers to our site which is home to our drum coffee roaster, packing lines and warehouse. You can visit our roastery located in Rochester, Kent. Simply give us a call, email or fill in the form below to book your visit. 

Our Zero-Emission Roastery in action

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