Bean to Cup Machines

Where it’s not possible to use a traditional espresso machine, bean-to-cup coffee machines are recommended.

La Cimbali are known to make the most reliable bean-to-cup coffee machine equipment. Superautomatics are bean-to-cup machines, as they are able to prepare a cup of coffee and milk based drinks by simply pushing a button.

Once the desired drink is selected, the machine automatically doses and grinds the coffee, doses the milk, extracts the coffee, delivers the beverage in the cup and expels the spent dry coffee grounds.

M1 Superautomatic

The M1 is a superautomatic machine designed for locations where espresso coffee is not the core business (up to 150 cups per day) and space is a critical factor.

Easy to use, M1 guarantees a superior in-the-cup quality.

S39TE Superautomatic

The S39TE is the super-automatic machine able to satisfy all your needs for quality in the cup with a graphic display to communicate more easily with the machine.

The push buttons are electromagnetic, instantaneous and reliable.

S54 Dolcevita Superautomatic

The S54 Dolcevita is a super-automatic machine that provides an outstanding service and produces up to 260 cups of espresso or 250 cups of café crème per hour.

It assures in-the-cup quality in line with tradition, and a wide and varied coffee menu.

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