Having grown up in and around Kent, I have very fond memories of many great towns, villages, events and more. None quite like a warm summers day, being young and wide eyed, looking on in amazement at a majestic animal. I'm talking about the summer trips to the zoo. We all do it, take the kids, your other half for an adventurous day out or just going because you love nothing more than seeing the rare and amazing animals you may never see in the wild.

In Kent we have two great, award winning wildlife parks, Howletts near Canterbury and Port Lympe near Ashford, which are both run by The Aspinall Foundation and I can honestly say, have been a big part of mine and many others childhoods.

The world-class animal conservation charity, has dedicated its time to protecting endangered animals around the globe. Founded in 1984 and now, over 30 years on, their mission remains the same. They remain dedicated to returning as many captive bred animals as possible, to protected wilderness areas and reserves located throughout the world. 

On top of this, their parks lead the way in animal care, enclosure design, enrichment and breeding success and are designed to be breeding sanctuaries for some of the world’s most rare and endangered animals. Being local and close to our hearts, we have been trying to help for many years. A by-product of roasting coffee, are the hessian bags the beans are transported in. We recycle all of our used hessian coffee bags, by giving them to Howletts animal park for use in enclosures or for making toys for the animals to play with. 

The Aspinall Foundation fund and manage animal protection projects in Congo, Gabon, Java and Madagascar, as well as providing financial support to other animal protection schemes around the world including India and Cambodia.

A World First for Cheetah Conservation

On 6th February, two cheetah from Howletts Wild Animal Park were the latest animals moved by The Aspinall Foundation from the UK, to a new life in the wilds of their ancestral homeland of South Africa. This groundbreaking project is the first time a hand-raised cheetah has left the UK for rewilding in Africa.

Saba & Nairo, who were born at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve, left the UK to move to Ashia Cheetah Sanctuary to settle in and prepare for the wild. They will then move to Mount Camdeboo Private Reserve where they will undergo a rewilding process innovatively designed by the Ashia team.

The Aspinall Foundation aim to raise £100,000 to fund the move, rewilding, release and continued monitoring of Saba & Nairo. Donating just £10 will bring the boys one step closer to their new life in South Africa.

How can you Help?

With our 'Aspinall Foundation' subscription box, each and every month, we pledge to donate £10 from your subscription directly to The Aspinall Foundation to support their continued work. Ensuring the animals of our lifetime are around for many generations to come. 

You will be directly helping to save animals from extinction, so sign up for our subscription box today. The future is in all of our hands and with your help, we truly can, and are making a difference.

For more information on what they do click here.