Coffee Farms, Their Growth, Health and Prosperity

Every business in the world relies on the success of others to prosper. Pretty bold statement, right? But when you think about it, whatever your business does whether you consult and help others or sell a product.. the end result is based on the success of those affected by what your service provides or purchasing directly from you.

Coffee is one of the most consumed commodities, with its highly volatile value trading, makes it one of the biggest boom and bust products in the world. Yet, everyone you see who sells coffee including the baristas, coffee houses, cafes, restaurants, hotels the list is endless, all rely on the success of somebody else!

That’s why we focus on where the coffee beans are coming from. If you’re a farmer what would you prefer, better coffee sold at a better price to enable you to focus on your growing quality, the environment, maybe even the next generation of farmers?  Or would you prefer a fair price that comes with rules and regulations to adhere to, at the detriment of your product and future?

The first option, yes?

That’s why we adopt the direct trading model. This means we stay in constant, personal communication with and buy direct from the farmers or estates. Thus, cutting out the middleman who buys and sells for you, letting us offer a much better price and ensure the quality and sustainability is of the highest standards. As we pay on average, 55% more than ‘fair trade’ prices, we know that the farmers get a great deal and can secure their own future.

We offer a range of speciality blends, developed with almost 100 years’ experience behind us, so making sure we are in direct contact and able to check the quality of our suppliers beans is crucial, otherwise we couldn’t guarantee that each time you order you get the same great taste!

The farmers we buy from are diverse and unique, from all over the globe. We love them and want them to be with us on this journey for many years to come. It only makes sense we help them as much as possible to grow, prosper and develop the young farmers of tomorrow.