16 Interesting Coffee Facts

Here at Herbert & Ward we have gained a lot of knowledge about coffee since our establishment in 1929. Today we thought we would share some of that knowledge with you. 

1. A bad habit or a healthy alternative?

Coffee has becoa huge part of our lives, with many reaching for a cup throughout the day. Some may say it's a bad habit, but it has been proven to be healthier than first thought. Coffee provides an energy boost whilst protecting us from Type 2 diabetes and reduces the risk of heart failure.

2. A goat herder discovered coffee

Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder is said to have discovered coffee when he noticed his goats eating the beans from a coffee plant. He saw a change in their behaviour, they were full of energy and wouldn't sleep at night. Kaldi then shared his findings with local monks who, after first disbelieving, ground up the coffee and added hot water, creating the first cup of coffee.

3. World's second largest traded product

Coffee is so largely consumed, that it is the world's second largest traded product, with crude oil ahead of them in first place. The coffee industry itself is worth over $100 billion worldwide.

4. Olympic athletes shipped with coffee

In 1932, Brazil couldn't afford to send their athletes to Los Angeles for the Olympics. As a solution, the government sent them on a ship transporting coffee which was sold along the way,

5. Keeping your coffee warm

It is a well known fact that cream keeps your coffee warm for around 20% longer. The science behind this is lost on us, but a warm coffee is always best!

6.  Just two coffee types

Coffee might seem complicated at times, but really there is only two types. Arabica coffee originated on the Arabian Peninsula, whilst Robusta coffee has double the amount of coffee.

7. Coffee is a fruit

The age old debate of whether something is a fruit or a vegetable. Well coffee is a fruit! The red beans have an aromatic smell and are less acidic, often used to produce lighter coffees.

8. King Charles II banned coffee

In 1675, King Charles II banned coffee shops in England as he thought people were meeting to conspire against him.

9. Banned in Mecca

In 1511, Mecca (the holiest City in Islam) banned coffee as it was believed to encourage radical thinking and laziness.

10. European coffee lovers

Europe imports more coffee than the USA, whilst Brazil is the lead country in exporting coffee. However, the UK consumes one of the lowest amount of coffee in Europe.

11. Fairtrade coffee = great quality

Despite fairtrade coffee costing more, it far improves the farmers conditions whilst increasing both productivity and quality.

12. Beethoven was a coffee lover

Apparently he would count 60 beans per cup before making his brew to ensure the perfect cup.

13. Brits love coffee

According to The Independent Brits spend a total of £303 a year on coffee, with Belfast, Newcastle and Southampton housing the biggest coffee fans in the UK.

14. The root of espresso

The word espresso derives from Italian and means "expressed" or "forced out". This accurately describes the process of forcing very hot water under high pressure through ground, compacted coffee.

15. Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee

Kopi Luwak originates from Indonesia and involves small animals who eat coffee cherries and secrete the beans. This coffee can cost £530 per kilo!