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Espresso Beans

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Available in various grounds and bag sizes, every variety of our espresso coffee beans can be used in all brewing equipment.

Herbert & Ward - Moka Italia Espresso Coffee Beans
Moka Italia
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Herbert & Ward - Fiori Arabica Espresso Coffee Beans
Fiori Arabica
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Herbert & Ward - Breakfast Blend Espresso Coffee Beans
Breakfast Blend
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Herbert & Ward - Barbosa (Single Origin) Espresso Coffee Beans
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Herbert & Ward - Caffè Espresso Coffee Beans
Caffè Espresso
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Herbert & Ward - Decaffeinated Espresso Coffee Beans
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Coffee Grinders

You can produce exceptional ground coffee to make fresh coffee in any cafetiere or coffee maker, producing a perfect, full flavour.

Herbert & Ward - Le'Xpress Deluxe Coffee Grinder
Le’Xpress® Deluxe Coffee Grinder
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The 'cafetiere' process, meaning 'French Press', produces exceptional coffee by using a combination of perfect timing and temperature.

Herbert & Ward - Le'Xpress Stainless Steel Copper Finish Double Walled Cafetiere
Stainless Steel Cafetière
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Herbert & Ward - Le'Xpress Chrome Plated Copper Finish Cafetière
Chrome Plated Cafetière
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Herbert & Ward - Le'Xpress Slow Brew Coffee Maker
Slow Brew Coffee Maker
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Whatever your hot drink of choice, we can make, serve and store them all - that shot of caffeine, pot of tea or comforting hot chocolate.

Herbert & Ward - Double Wall Highball Glasses
Highball Glasses (380ml)
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Herbert & Ward - Double Wall Espresso Cups
Glass Espresso Cups
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Flavouring Syrups

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View our range of pure sugar, highly flavoured and colourful syrups which have been pasteurised to ensure a perfect preservation, made for professionals.

Herbert & Ward - Giffard Hazelnut Flavouring Syrup


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Herbert & Ward - Giffard Mint Flavouring Syrup


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Herbert & Ward - Giffard Caramel Flavouring Syrup


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Herbert & Ward - Giffard Cinnamon Flavouring Syrup


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Herbert & Ward - Giffard Gingerbread Flavouring Syrup


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Herbert & Ward - Giffard Vanilla Flavouring Syrup


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